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Our company consists of dedicated, experienced and professional staff. Below you can check out their profiles.

Charalambos Panayiotou - General Manager

Mr Panayiotou has a BSc in Environmental Sciences and an MSc in Boundary Meteorology. He is cofounder and Managing Director of ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus ltd and cofounder and Executive Director of Envirochem Cyprus.

From 1993 he has worked as research associate at San Jose State University in California, USA, where he was implementing air quality studies for court cases that concerned accidental industrial toxic releases. As research associate he also worked under the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on the «Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability (ARAC)» which concerned emergency response to toxic and nuclear releases (ARAC). From 1996 he has worked as Environment Consultant at the Cyprus Development Bank’s Environment Center «ENALION». In 2000 he founded ATLANTIS Consulting Cyprus. Mr Panayiotou has been active mainly in environmental management conducting Environmental Impact Assessments, environmental management strategy and measures and environmental research.

Among others he has undertaken numerous EIAs, and studies for the sustainable management of the mining industry, the preparation of the Competent Authorities for the implementation of the EU noise directive, Water Management studies, the rehabilitation of uncontrolled landfills and establishing air quality modeling capacities at the Department of Labor Inspection.

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Elias Eliades - Manager of Environmental Department

Geotechnician Diploma (D.U.TH) BSc, MSc Civil Engineering A.U.TH.

Elias Eliades graduated from the Democritus University of Thrace (D.U.TH) in 2008, with a diploma in Geotechnical Sciences recognized as a Master Degree. He continued his study in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Faculty of Engineering, with an MSc in Civil Engineering, specialized in Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development.

Elias is currently employed in Atlantis Consulting Cyprus and he is responsible among other things for working on different EU funded projects, for preparing environmental impact assessments and to provide advice in projects that require environmental inputs, in order to achieve a more sustainable outcome, management studies, water and aquifer management and simulations, renewable energy studies and general environmental consulting services.

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Nada Panayiotou - Economic Director

Mrs Panayiotou possesses a Diploma in Economics - along with an 10-year experience as employee at the YUGOSLAV EXPORT AND CREDIT Bank in Belgrade as well as 6 years of experience as Executive Secretary (Management Support) at Timbertrade International Ltd Cyprus, (Shiacolas group of CompanyNicosia).

She has been working as Financial Controller in Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd since July 2005 until today.

She has been responsible for initial internal audit(Auditor for all project partners-Value more than700.000 euro) for 4 major EU funded projects under the LIFE Third Countries, Life Nature and INCO FP6 programmes,(Projects: Strategic design for urban sustainability indicators in Cyprus, Water Resources management study for the Diarizos river Cyprus NATURA sites Management Plan)

Acting on behalf of the company as well as for the other partners.

She is familiar with dedicated audit and finance control tools such as Pastel and can handle procedures of invoice audits, validation, payment receipts, and all relevant procedures under EU and National funding schemes.

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Charis Mikkidis - Chemical Engineer MEng - MSc

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Anna Foka - Consultant of European and Funding Programmes

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Antonis Christodoulou - Civil Engineer

Graduate of University of Liverpool with a Beng in civil engineering with a specialized postgraduate degree MSc in Maritime Civil engineering.

He is currently working with ATLANTIS Consulting as Environmental consultant were he is involved with the implementation of EIA’s, site monitoring and permitting for projects from public and private sector. In addition he participates in research projects funded by European Commission.

His working experience is mostly based from Middle East, were he worked as Environmental engineer. Specifically, he was in charge of all environmental issues such as implementation of environmental management systems based on ISO 14001, development of construction environmental management plan CEMP, environmental permitting, site management and monitoring (noise and air), internal auditing and staff training.

Both of his degrees thesis were related to the implementation of hydrodynamic and sediments modelling. The undergraduate thesis was related the evolution of the polluted sediment in the Mersey estuary in Liverpool, UK while the postgraduate was related to the effects of Ice Gouging on oil and gas pipelines within the Arctic region. He has also cooperated with British Petroleum BP through an international competition with a feasible proposal of reducing CO2 emissions from an existing oil refinery.

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Dimitris Stivaridis - Geologist

BSc Geology (A.U.TH.), MSc Water & Environmental Engineering (University of Surrey)

Mr. Dimitris Stivaridis graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2008, with a degree in Geology. He continued his studies in the University of Surrey, in the U.K., with an MSc on Water & Environmental Engineering.

He has previously worked as a geologist in the private sector for 5 years and currently is employed in Atlantis Consulting Cyprus and in Envirochem Cyprus. He is responsible for working on different EU funded projects, for preparing environmental impact assessments and also is engaged in the management and disposal of hazardous waste.

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Evaggelia Orfanidou - Civil and Environmental Engineer

Bachelor's Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, MSc (Eng) Environmental and Energy Engineering

Evaggelia Orfanidou graduated from the University of Cyprus in 2012, with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She continued her studies in the Sheffield University, in U.K., with an MSc in Environmental and Energy Engineering.

Evaggelia is currently employed in Atlantis Consulting Cyprus.

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Charalambia Andreou - Office Administration

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