Program and Project Evaluations

Atlantis Consulting Cyprus Ltd has been pioneer in submitting proposal to EU funding programmes and has based an important part of its activities on the succesful management and implementation of succesfully funded projects. The experience gained from the management of such complex and multi-dimensional projects, has been put to good use through the provision of management and evaluation services to organizations that have themselves managed to obtain funds for their projects by the EU or other sources.

Thus, Atlantis has undertaken a number of assignments for management of succesfully funded projects and evaluation of their progress based on requirements of the corresponding programme. Prominent of these assignments is the Interim Evaluation of the European Union Pre-Accession (2003) and Transition Facility (2004) assistance for Cyprus, on behalf of the Planning Bureau. Other such projects include the external evaluation of an EQUAL Cyprus project (client: Frederick University) and the management of a succesully funded project of the Paphos Municipality.