Funding Programs

These services provided by Atlantis include the preparation and submission of proposals on behalf of client organizations to local (National) and International Funding Programmes. More in detail, Atlantis offers:

  • Periodical analysis of investments and activities for clients and matching with existing and expected funding programmes
  • Partner search and matching
  • Compilation of business plans, feasibility studies and energy audits where required by programme specifications
  • Preparation and validation of accompanying documentation
  • Preparation of proposal using the proper application format
  • Monitoring of proposal evaluation progress
  • Management of successfully funded projects by supporting all necessary activities such as reporting, auditing and validation of supporting documents


Main funding opportunities for individuals and legal persons (presented per thematic area) include:

EU Programmes

  • Training and Education
  • Culture
  • Youth
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Regional Development
  • Research

National Programmes

  • Technological Upgrade Investments
  • Protection from Industrial Pollution
  • Energy Saving and Renewable Energy Introduction
  • Youth and Women Entrepreneurship (creation of new companies)
  • ISO, HACCP and EMAS Installation
  • Rural Development (Leader+)
  • Research for SMEs
  • Tourism