Nature, Biodiversity and Landscape

Atlantis Consulting has gained significant experience in biodiversity and nature management. Atlantis alsoacted as a partner in the LIFE-Nature of Cyprus and other significant projects. We can implement the appropriate strategy for the management of ecologically sensitive ecosystems.

Atlantis can offer arrange of services that are tailored to the needs of the individual project:

  • Management plan development and implementation
  • Identification of stakeholders
  • Stakeholders Consultation
  • Management of protected areas
  • Planning and Landscape design services
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Biodiversity assessment and surveillance

Atlantis was participating in the LIFE-NATURE project which is focusing on the development of management plans for implementation of protective actions for the priority habitas of 5 regions that are included in the NATURA 2000 network. The project was a joint activity that included the Environmental Services, Department of Forestry, Game Foundation, and the Fisheries Department which represented the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and the Environment. Atlantis was responsible for the design and the supervision of the construction of artificial lagoons in the Diarizos Valley. The study included the selection and the fencing of the development area of the species Alnus orientalis. Atlantsi was also responsible for the design and implementation of a monitoring scheme for abiotic parameters in area of the Larnaka Salt Lakes. Also in the same area Atantis consulting was in charge of the publication campaign, the elaboration of the Environmental Impact Assessments and the surveillance of the field work.